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In Memory

Patrick Loughran**

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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10/14/15 11:12 AM #1    

Michael Jablonski

Pat and I were the best of friends, not so much at Walter Johnson, but at North Bethesda Junior High.  We would caddy together at the Bethesda Country Club, while still in Junior High our parents let us go on unsupervised canoe trips on the C&O canal, starting at Swain's Lock.  We skipped at least one Saturday night Junior High dance and went to the pool hall in Bethesda, the one on Old Georgetown Road, instead.  We got back to the dance just in time for our parents to pick us up, but just barely.  We spent an entire summer trying to put an old lawn mower engine on an old bicycle to make a motor bike. It never worked, but we did get the engine to run.  We had lots of good times.  I'll never forget him.

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