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COVID-19 Update



Hope this finds you healthy and safe.

Due to current concerns and uncertainty regarding COVID-19, plans for our much-anticipated 50th Reunion Celebration have been postponed.

The original 10/10/2020 date has been changed to 9/25/2021.

So, as the song says, "See you in September".

In the meantime you can still soak up some memories on this site.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information and ideas for our 50th Class Reunion in 2021!!

Please take the time to register on this website. It's FREE and we will be posting updated information about our reunion. You can contact us through email with questions or ideas. Thank you in advance.  The WJ 50th Reunion Committee


We are planning a 50th Reunion to be held on the weekend of Sept. 24-25, 2021.   We are organizing a tour of WJ on Friday afternoon, followed by a casual evening of cocktails/dinner in a Bethesda area restaurant. Saturday night will be the main event, dinner, dancing, & conversation with old friends!! Please respond to each question below.


If you are friends with any other 1970 graduates who are not registered on this website, please encourage them to register, or provide us with their contact info.

Why not use a bit of your stay-at-home time to:

✳️ Explore our website wj1970.com. See who’s signed up and what they’ve posted.                                                                                                                                                  

✳️ Register, if you haven’t!  You don't have to commit to the Reunion to register. See the green bar at the top of our homepage? Click on the menu icon on the far right side of the bar. Then click on “First Time Visitors”. Then click on #3 “Setting Up Your Profile”.

✳️ Update your profile with a photo or posting. On the home page’s top green bar, click on the profile icon, then on “Edit Profile”, then “Photos”, then “Upload a new photo”.

✳️ Look for old photos and memorabilia from your high school days. This is the perfect time for us all to come together with our shared remembrances. We’ll post them on this website to create a scrapbook and use them for a slide show at the ReunionEmail photos to: bruce@steely.org.

✳️ We also have a facebook group page titled “Walter Johnson Class of 70” where we share memories and sustain bonds. Check it out. 

✳️ Please contact old friends and encourage them to register on the website.
Let them know that you'd like to see them at the Reunion.
And, that the Reunion is absolutely still going to happen!!!

 Best wishes to all!