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COVID-19 Update


Dear Classmates,

As we are all aware, we are still not entirely out of the woods with COVID-19. 
We know many of you cancelled your reservations for the Gala or expressed trepidation about a large gathering. So we, your commitee, voted to postpone our Reunion Gala celebration from September 25, 2021 to Saturday, May 21, 2022. 

Our main concern has always been the health and safety of our fellow classmates. 

We have updated this website with a link to the Marriott to re-book your reservation (keeping the same low room price). Simply click on 50+ Reunion Registration, then scroll down to Lodging.

Steps have been taken to ensure the utmost safety of Reunion attendees:

◻️ Our primary objective is to provide a joyful and safe Reunion experience. 
The COVID-19 variants information is ever changing, so we continue to closely follow the science and Montgomery County recommendations.

◻️ As long as all attending are fully vaccinated, it should be a safe Reunion for everyone. Presumably, all of us have been vaccinated because we’re over 65. But, if you aren’t, now is the time to get your initial shots (and boosters) in order to protect yourself and others.
On the day of the Gala we may need to require proof of vaccine, so come prepared. And, you may want to exercise your mask option if you feel vulnerable.

◻️The Marriott has installed a new state-of-the-art Plasma Air Filtration System throughout the entire hotel.

◻️The ballroom is huge (54’ x 112’ with a 23’ ceiling) so we are not crowded. It has 7 doors on 3 sides that will be kept open for air circulation.

◻️ The 6pm cocktail reception will be held on the large outdoor terrace parallel to our ballroom. The terrace will also be available thoughout the Gala for dining.

◻️ The Canopy Hotel rooftop Happy Hour on Friday evening and the Great Falls excursion on Saturday are both outdoor events.

We are looking forward to a long awaited and safe Reunion on Saturday, May 21, 2022!!